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Joker James

Vikasha Jazz Club
sonntag, 19:00
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MAY 26th (SUNDAY) – the long–awaited concert of the one and only “Joker James” project in Serbia (Belgrade)! 

The concert starts at 19:00 (doors open at 18:30) 

At: Vikasha Jazz Club

Lomina 14, Beograd, Serbia

Joker James (also known as “JJ”) is a project of independent journalist and musician Alexey Ponomarev. It is a benefit solo performance, unique “bard–rap” show incorporating a hip-hop groove, some heritage of Russian rock scene, and echoes of the British 60s.

Songs of Joker James find their origin in the emotions accumulated by Alexey over years of work for independent media: from the old “” to “Meduza”, “Arzamas” and “Kholod”. These emotions spill out into biting, sometimes angry topical tracks and melancholic ballads about futility and vanity of virtually everything in the world.

Moreover, the lyrical protagonist of JJ often completely merges with the author: many of Alexey’s friends are indeed considered to be “foreign agents” in Russia. In his journalistic work he has been following the war Russia started in Ukraine since 2014. Since about the same time he took every chance to make fun of (or, calling it more accurately, viciously ridicule) Russian “patriots”, “guardians” and Z–activists of all sorts. Not without pride Alexey counts himself among “national traitors” and “fifth column”.

The concert’s program includes all the hits of Joker James project, both new and old, as well as some songs of other authors, whose work Alexey admires. In any case one could be certain that it is going to be great and very emotional show, with very intimate atmosphere – JJ would perform in a small friendly bar, with an audience of around 100 people.

So, make sure you get your ticket in time, and we’ll see you in Belgrade!

Organizers' team: Daniil Simanov and Halfwind events.

Doors: 18:30 

Beginning of the concert: 19:00 

Approximate duration of the concert: 2 hours

*All the tickets are "standing" by default, but Rock Beer Pub is a bar and it does obviously have seats as well. First come – first served.